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Welcome to Russian-Uzbek restaurant EXZOTICA

Our restaurant perform for you a traditional russian and uzbek cuisines,samsa from uzbek restauran in dubai like barbeque from uzbek restauran in dubai a Borshch, Shurpa, Plov, Lagman, Pelmeni(russian ravioli), Manti, Russian herring, all kind of russian and uzbek barbeques and "Exzotica" special dish of our restaurant. Every clients - is a special for us and for everyone we give someting extra-ordinary. Comfortable place, quiet service and very friendly staff. Here you have to try famous uzbek cuisine - Plov, Lagman, Shurpa and Shashliki(barbeque) prepared from mutton, beff, chicken and fish. Cuisine of our russian-uzbek restaurant - is a very tasty food.plov from uzbek restauran in dubai All traditional uzbek and russian food prepare by barbeque from uzbek restauran in dubai professional chefs with lots of experiences in restaurans of Russia and Uzbekistan. "Plov" it is must try dish from uzbek cuisine, it is an ancient uzbek dish and famous in East and Asia.

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